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Casual nudity

Casual nudity


NSFW is about subreddits. This is not the place to find names or specific content. Requests are for Subreddits A request must be looking for a subreddit, as denoted by "[Request]" Nothing else! Use Descriptive Titles The title must describe the request completely, without relying on notes or links in the text. No Advertising This includes your own: nudkty,site, etc.

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I asked casaul, and he said it was the opposite—that he thinks it makes us MORE comfortable around each other sexually. What happens when we bring someone else into the mix—like a romantic partner?

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The other week, I woke up to him doing morning stretches naked in my living room before work. Use Descriptive Titles The title must describe the request completely, without relying on notes or links in the text. When I was first non-sexually naked in front of one of my casual partners—just nudtiy casual stuff like watering my plants and washing dishes—he remarked and asked if I was an exhibitionist.

My influence!! The other week, I wondered if being so comfortable around each other dasual impacted our sex life at all—like, did it make it less special for him to see me naked when I am so often anyway?

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No Advertising This includes your own: subreddit,site, etc. A: "I used to fantasize about dropping in on my sister being naked in the bathroom, but it never happened.

Also, nudkty in front of homies—no big deal. This is not the place to find names or specific content. The very idea of someone being naked without giving a fuck is a pretty sexy idea to some.

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I guess I do feel a bit exposed if I know someone is with me and I'm doing a casual activity like reading while naked—it's not even something I'd do if I were alone in my room. It's kind of cool how you can shift from being non-sexually naked to sexual easily and without much cashal. The term implies that the person being naked is comfortable with it because it is casual, functional, and thus meaningless. It definitely doesn't detract from being sexually naked for me.

The fear casuzl to be that my partner would see something unattractive or "too real" about my body, which would make them not want to fuck me anymore. So although the nudity is 'casual', it is typically not meaningless or neutral to at nudigy one party: the spectator usually feels either uncomfortable, embarrassed or aroused.

Breaking the sitewide rules is grounds for a permanent ban. Hence, casual nudity is not the same as unarousing nudity.


When I started asking around about this, people brought up a nudigy concerns—some wondered if lots of casual nudity made their bodies less desirable when they were hooking up, or if being comfortable naked together outside of sexual contexts said something about the closeness of a relationship. I think there is something special [about it], because you are nudiyt comfortable and relaxed with each other's bodies that you aren't overthinking the nudity—but I'm very comfortable being nude in lots of contexts.

Undity the other person or people around, casual nudity can still be uncomfortable or awkward. Amy, 27 My boyfriend and I are basically always in the buff at home—we live together officially now, but more or less shacked up at his old place right away after we met last year. Since sex is a scenario where it's nucity you'll both be naked, being naked in any other situation can feel even more intimate.

Obey reddit's rules Don't request or spread anything that breaks Reddit's content policy. Not because I didn't trust him or anything—it's just not really something I'm used to in general.

I asked him how he mentally differentiates between when we're just hanging out naked and when we're leading up to boning, and he said, "Look, if a person can't tell the difference between when their partner's being sexual and when they're not, they've got bigger issues to think about than whether or not it's cool to casually be naked together. Oftentimes my last partner would want me to sleep naked with him after sex, and I'd get uncomfortable and insist on putting a T-shirt on.

Please take particular note of the sections cawual illegal material and involuntary pornography.

We asked people how they feel about casual nudity with sexual partners

Now, I'm very comfortable being non-sexually naked in front of my partners. There's nothing like somebody consciously flirting with you.

NSFW is about subreddits. Requests are for Subreddits A request must be looking for a subreddit, as denoted by "[Request]" Nothing else! I feel safe and comfortable.

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For the most part Judity only be naked if we had already been hooking up beforehand. Is it double the freedom, or does it harsh your nude toke? Sometimes it catches them off guard, but more often, it gives them to do the same. I asked eight people how they approach hanging out with their partners in the buff, and, unsurprisingly, got quite varied .

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