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Sydney spanking

Sydney spanking


But fear not, once punishment is concluded the slate is wiped clean and my gentle touch will soothe the burning bottom. I love most roleplay as a disciplinarian; Governess, Strict Aunt, dominant girl friend and of course Head Mistress in my well equipped sydnej — giving each naughty boy a stern talking to for his misdeeds — then over the desk for the well deserved thrashing.

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He might as well just go ahead and fire her right now.

Spanking sydney

The company is over budget on a huge government contract and Max is there to straighten things out. Spankinv would also probably be a lot better than getting yelled at again, too. His request sounded so polite Sydney almost smiled. Buy it at Amazon! I also love to wrangle another into submission with my mind, my body, or both.

Besides, a letter of reprimand would go on your permanent record, and that would hurt your chances of getting promoted in the future. What the heck was he waiting for? My work is usually exemplary. She really hated getting yelled at.

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And hot sex, of course! Max would have figured it out on his own, she was sure. She grinned. You should at least think about it. Her boss never cares spaning she shows up late, takes a long lunch or goes home early.

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They were really going to do this. Max frowned. Sydney is really a special place to invest your holiday therefore, do not lose the opportunity to visit a good city.

After one too many mistakes, Max gives her a choice — she can either accept a transfer to another department and a lower paying job, or take a spanking. Daniels, please. She lie in his arms, her head pillowed on his shoulder, her arm draped across him. What had she done now? She opened her mouth to ask, but all that came out was a startled gasp as his hand abruptly connected with her ass in a resounding smack.

How did you get a punishment spanking? But then she remembered what was about to happen, and sobered quickly enough. I have the skills to do what you need. Having only been spanked during sex, she honestly had no idea.

Sydney Davis loves her job as an executive assistant to the vice-president of a software manufacturer. After I figure out exactly how to describe the additional duties you spsnking.

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All she cared about was the pleasure spiraling through her. He nodded.

Having one manager spanking another is completely inappropriate. Sydney held her breath, prepared for him to do his worst.

Later, when they could both move again, Max scooped Sydney up and carried her over to the huge leather couch. She took another step closer to the desk, pleading at him with her eyes.

But a spanking was still a whole lot more acceptable than a pay cut, especially since her lousy performance justified the demotion. Happy Reading! This report is terrible. She sydey nervously. Sydney quickly discovers that Max not only gives a hard spanking, but that she gets turned on by having her bottom warmed.

See a problem?

Just Google up 'spanking'. But fear not, once punishment is concluded the slate is wiped clean and my gentle touch will soothe the burning bottom. This was way worse. She cried out her release at the same time he found his, but the sound was lost as his mouth came down possessively on hers. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she wondered if his offer to spank her instead of demoting her could be considered sexual harassment. Any spankin job would not only mean less money, but less prestige, too.

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Only this time, she wants it to end with both of them naked in bed. How could getting transferred to a lower paying job be best for her?

Sydney tensed as Max put a hand on the small of her back. When paced well, a corporal session can occupy me for hours.

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She swallowed hard. Sydney blinked. Max wanted to talk about work now? Good luck! Still, it was nice to know the big cheeses recognized her work. There are quite a few sites that carry contact for people who are into spanking, and most of them have links to other sites. She loved her sydnet that much.

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